Clothing hack to keep dresses/skirts down!

Dresses and Skirts

Hi guys,

Welcome, back to my channel! πŸ‘‹πŸΎ

For this video I tried a clothing hack to see if I could salvage some my dresses!

Originally filmed 1.15.21

Hairspray used in this video: Shine + Finish (Dollartree)

Here is my last video:

Another video where I talked about this struggle:

Other tips for wearing short dresses: wearing stockings, spandex shorts MAY* keep certain materials from riding up

🌢🌢 I’m realizing it might be a little while before I’m able to fully add proper thumbnails because I’m still having a lot of issues understanding the software πŸ˜” Thank you all for your continued understanding! πŸ’œ

I would love to know about any other hacks you guys might know!

I hope you enjoyed this video!

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