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Dresses and Skirts

Thank you for checking out my description, I put all kinds of information in here to share! Today I will be sharing some modest dresses and sweaters that I recently picked up from Roolee, Amazon and Mercari (secondhand). I wanted to add fall and winter friendly dresses and skirts to my arsenal that I could layer as needed for added warmth. If you like this video, consider checking out my Proverbs 31 & Titus 2 playlist and subscribe to see more!

➡Proverbs 31 & Titus 2 Playlist

➡Why I Headcover Exclusively:

➡(1) Marietta Stripe MOM Dress

➡(3, 5) Viishow Short Sleeve Maxi ( Cheetah and Snake Print) *

➡(2) Black, Pink and White Colorblock Sweater *

➡(7) Chicago Wrap MOM Dress Light Grey
Chicago Wrap MOM Dress

➡(8) Catori Wrap Dress Red
Catori Wrap Dress

➡(6) Griffith Knit Sweater Saddle Brown (Purple, Beige, Green and Brown)

Time Stamps
0:00 Outfits Teaser
0:16 Intro
0:36 Modesty in the Bible
2:22 Opening Navy Striped Dress
2:57 Outfit 1
3:13 Unoxing Colorblock Sweater
3:33 Outfit 2
3:43 Unboxing Snake Print Dress
4:20 Outfit 3
4:27 Unboxing Mauve and Black Lace Dress
4:50 Outfit 4
5:00 Unboxing Cheetah Print Dress
5:20 Outfit 5
5:34 Unboxing Roolee Sweater
6:10 Outfit 6
6:17 Unboxing Sweater Dress
6:38 Outfit 7
6:45 Unboxing Gingham Dress
7:08 Outfit 8
7:18 Outro

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I’m a wife and stay at home Christian mother, trying to build a lifestyle of self sufficiency on our quarter acre lot. We grow hundreds of pounds of produce, put up cases of canned goods, raise chickens and home-school our children. We are located in Zone 7B near Memphis, TN. Every week I upload a video on gardening, cooking or canning and prepping. If that interests you, subscribe to see more!

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Music: Close The Lights
Musician: Michael Ramir C.

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