Wearing Skirts & Dresses | What I Noticed (so far) Having a More Feminine and Modest Wardrobe!

Dresses and Skirts

Hello! I had posted a few videos a while back about modesty/wearing more feminine clothing. I was a little slow editing and getting this one up but in this video I discuss my experience trying the #allskirtschallenge started by What Laura Likes.

And the crazy news is…..wearing skirts and dresses has not made much of an impact on my daily life…lol. It HAS made an impact on my spiritual life though as have noticed it has sparked conversations that would not have happened otherwise.

Also, as I was editing I was thinking about St. Joan of Arc. Her story teaches us that there can be circumstances pants are appropriate. HOWEVER, keep in mind she wasn’t trying to wear yoga pants so her “butt looked cute” 😂 …she was wearing tunics and armor trying to avoid getting raped in a vulnerable environment and her outfit choices were to glorify God- not to be trendy or to “fit in.” Just wanted to throw that out there because I have heard people take St. Joan’s example out of proportion to justify skinny jeans and bikinis. *facepalm*

One more thing- I am NOT saying it is a sin to wear pants. I am saying we need to be aware of our clothing choices because they do matter. And we (particularly women because women are trained to wear clothing styles that objectify the body) need to be aware of what our outfits and drawing attention to or saying- even if we have the best of intentions. Luke 16:10 reminds us that being faithful in the small matters is important.

^ Just wanted to add those thoughts into the conversation! 🙂 God Bless!

#dressingwithdignity #modesty

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