Game Changer FASHION HACK for Jumpers & Skirts

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The jumper and skirt trend is back again in 2019. This year we are seeing midi skirts styled with big warm jumpers. I’ve got a simple easy fashion hack that will help you get the jumper and skirt look nailed this year.

I use this fashion hack very often in autumn and spring when I am going for the jumper and skirt look!

I usually opt for styling jumpers and skirts using french tuck styling. If you don’t know what French tuck styling is, it’s simple when you tuck the front of your top slightly into the waistband of the ‘bottoms’ you are wearing. It can often be slightly messy and have the ‘effortless’ look to it. I think french tuck styling can add shape, dimension and texture to an outfit.

I love the jumper and skirt look! I hope this simple fashion hack helps you wear this look more often!

What do you think of my fashion hack? Have you tried this before? Have you got any fashion hacks to share? Comment below!



Jumper: Was from a sample sale from Ena Pelly —




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