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Dresses and Skirts

Hello my darlings!
Today we are doing an H&M Try on Haul! I’m going to review the brand H&M, since a lot of you asked for it. Since I don’t normally shop at H&M, I wanted to see if they have some feminine and elegant style outfits with a decent quality. If you want me to do other haul, with other brands, let me know in the comments down bellow!
Also let me know in the comments which outfit is your favorite 😘
Love you ❤

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White cotton ruffle dress : https://bit.ly/30DT3tH ; Same dress in blue : https://bit.ly/2WNy5HL ; Same dress in Red : https://bit.ly/2WPFiau

Pink lace dress : (in mint here) : https://bit.ly/32K8X8x
(in pink on the uk website) : https://bit.ly/3hjPTCi
(similar style) : https://bit.ly/3jCRkhh

Floral puffy sleeve blue and purple dress : https://bit.ly/2WGTKBx ; Same pattern but in a maxi dress : https://bit.ly/30BL68t

Satin floral gold maxi dress : https://bit.ly/3jFUvVo
White ruffle top : https://bit.ly/30ATm8F
White and red floral maxi skirt : https://bit.ly/3hxzbzz
Gold sandals : https://bit.ly/2WLWfSV

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